Southern Spain

Southern Spain
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Monday, 1 March 2010

Point And Click Coaching Review

I’m now in my 3rd week and feel confident to do an early Point and Click Coaching review.

I was worried this course would be a rehash of everything already out there on the internet however that train of thought has vanished Lee’s innovative cutting edge strategies blend perfectly with the more traditional techniques. Nobody is teaching this because they are his own creation they are not theories, he uses the strategies on a daily basis to grow his business.

You may be thinking how have I come to this conclusion, and doing a Point and Click Coaching review so early well let me explain. I took advantage of his free DVD offer and was astounded by the amount, and quality of the information he parted with on the 2 day workshop some of it I admit did go over my head because I’m a newbie but I could see the potential and decided to enrol and yes being a newbie, it did cross my mind that I couldn’t keep up but he explains and shows everything in logical steps.It may sound cheesy but honestly if I can follow it, then you can too.

One thing has disappointed me with this course, he keeps telling me there is no magic button, you actually have to do work that means I have wasted a lot of money and time looking for something which doesn’t exist, if only I had found Lee McIntyre earlier!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Point and Click Coaching review I will report back soon as I can

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