Southern Spain

Southern Spain
Avoiding the snow back home

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pointandclickcoaching week 6

Welcome back as you can see from the headline I am now in week 6 of pointandclickcoaching and still going strong.

Lee hasn’t let up on the quality of information he promised, he has supplied everything he said he would and over delivered as he usually does. It isn’t information overload and I am now making money already… just to let you know I have been on line for a year with hit and miss projects (mostly miss) but with pointandclickcoaching there is no hit and miss it’s all laid out for you in easy to understand bites .

I have been given a task to perform by the end of each week before the next lesson is delivered. If I have struggled with any of the information I go back through the step by step over the shoulder video again in case I missed some vital tactic, there is a help line email and a discussion button if you get stuck I haven’t needed to use it yet but it is comforting and feels good to know that lee will get back to me with the solution to any problems I may be encountering. If an old geezer like me can understand and follow pointandclickcoaching then you should have no problem (oops another cliché dropped in there I will avoid them like the plague on the next post).

So there you have my pennies worth again, try out the free DVD you wont be disappointed I can guarantee that and lets walk this road of financial freedom together

See you on the other side

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