Southern Spain

Southern Spain
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Thursday, 1 April 2010

why invest in point and click coaching

Like you I lost faith in trying to make money online, after buying product after product my efforts all fell in to one or more of these categories.

1. The idea was unworkable the product owner got lucky made a fortune and thought he would make more by selling it.

2. No money in the pot because the world and his wife were already doing what I was about to attempt.

3. I got stuck with some technical aspect of the product, they usually leave something out and you can’t finish the jigsaw.

4. My budget would dry up just at the wrong time

So I said to myself “right I’m on my own” I can’t afford to keep handing out money and ending up back at square one. For a long time after that decision I struggled on still getting emails from people claiming to be making thousands overnight which really pissed me off.

I was making slow progress but blindly carried on in hope more than anything else and then it dawned on me, I needed someone showing me the ropes but from the beginning of the learning curve not the middle or the end. I needed shortcuts and realised this was going to cost money again.

I ‘m sorry to be the messenger of bad news but in order to make money you have to spend some, speculate to accumulate as they say. If you carry on without help then you may not reach your goal or worse give up trying altogether.

I took the plunge this time with Lee McIntyre who has a step by step over the shoulder video coaching course. I’d been heading down the wrong path before and now for the first time I am seeing real results from my investment as my bank balance is looking hot lately.

I’m so glad I stumbled into Lee 8 weeks ago my faith has been restored and my goals are now being realised. If you are in the same position I was 8 weeks ago then I urge you to invest in Point And Click Coaching I know you will benefit from his knowledge. Don’t give up the fight, give yourself an edge and invest today.

I was going to sign off by saying good luck but you don’t need good luck you need good coaching.

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