Southern Spain

Southern Spain
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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spielberg eat ya heart out!!

I hope you enjoy the video I certainly enjoyed making it not exactly Spielberg but it is my first. I strongly believe in putting out as much content as possible, don’t leave it until you think it’s perfect because it never will be, that was one of my many problems I had to overcome when I first started.

Going over an article or blog post again and again changing it constantly you end up never putting it out at all. The video I know isn’t perfect but at least it‘s out there and hopefully working for me.

Give it a go you never know you might surprise yourself and come up with some great video.

The camcorder I used was about £59 a very small flip camcorder with HD the shots of the website are with Camstudio that’s free, and posting on Youtube is free the editing was from AVS it costs $59 to download which came with loads of other applications.

Video editing
Video to ipod
Media player
DVD authoring
DVD copy
Video to flash
Video to go
Disc creator
Video to PSP
TV recorder
Ringtone maker (this one sounds fun)
Video recorder
Audio editing
Registry cleaner

Now I haven’t used them all but the editing of the video was super easy. I was worried it would take days to work out, I was amazed at the layout it was simple and easy to follow even the special effects were just drag and drop, thank you AVS. I’m not an affiliate of AVS by the way I just think it’s fab.

So come on all you budding directors give it a go you’ll have fun and I don’t call fun work do you?

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